Cash Discount Program

American Bank Payments Cash Discount Programs

With the American Bank Payments Cash Discount Program, you now have the option to charge different prices for cash and credit card transactions.

What is a Cash Discount Program?

A cash discount program is a game changing credit card processing program for merchants that passes the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay for their purchase with a credit card.

Cash discount merchant services allow business owners of all industries and sizes to continue to accept all major credit cards, but without the having to pay the high interchange and processing fees for accepting credit cards.

How Does Cash Discount work?

Under American Bank Payments’ Cash Discount Program, merchant can now pay a small fixed monthly price for unlimited processing.

Without making any changes to prices, we will provide you the signage to inform customers that the listed price is the credit card price.

​Our credit card processing equipment will automatically apply the standard adjustment for credit to all purchases.

All non-card transactions automatically receive the discount.

How Much Can You Save with the American Bank Payments Cash Discount Program

Our Competitor’s Regular Program American Bank Payments Cash Discount Program
Amount of Transactions Submitted $93,018.49 $93,018.49
Additional Monthly Fees $39.99 $49.99
Credit Card Fees $2,641.72 $0.00
Total Fees Charged $2,681.71 $49.99
Monthly Cost $2,681.72 / month $49.99 / month
Annual Cost $32,180.58 / year $599.88 / year

A yearly savings of $31,580.70 per year by Switching to American Bank Payments Cash Discount Program*

* Savings may vary per customer depending on volume and monthly fees being charged by your current processor


  • 0% Credit Card Processing
  • One Low Fixed Monthly Fee
  • No Minimum Purchase
  • No Minimum Volume
  • Unlimited Processing
  • Contactless Payments
  • Increased Profit for Your Business and More!!!!!

Get a FREE POS System!

You can get a Clover POS system or a countertop terminal free of charge* when you switch your processing over to the American Bank Payments Cash Discount program.

* Restrictions apply, contact us today for details

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